Work Experience to Now: Celebrating 8 Years with Ryan

Ryan started his journey with us in 2015, initially seeking a taste of the industry through a brief stint of work experience whilst still at school. At just 16, he then decided that school wasn’t for him and handed in his leavers form to come on board with the KR Team full time.

Ryan went on to study welding/fabricating engineering at NESCol and subsequently completed his apprenticeship. During this time, he worked between the workshops and sites to build a solid foundation of hands-on experience in steel erecting and cladding.

Growing up in a family business hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Ryan, especially with two watchful uncles overseeing his every move. Despite the challenges, he has evolved into an indispensable member of the team. Always eager to venture beyond his comfort zone and work away from home allowing him to work on a wide scope of projects, a quality that he has had since his initial work experience.

Ryan’s supervisors describe him as a clever lad with an ability to pick up new information quickly. Nothing is stopping him from having a very successful career in construction as he continues to develop his experience.

So the question for Ryan at this 8-year workiversary is… what’s next? Maybe a supervisor role in the future?