Creating a sustainable future for our people, our environment, our youth and our industry.

We firmly believe in sustainability, caring for the environment and continually striving to incorporate environmental good practice into our business and workplace, taking a sustainable approach to waste management and minimising our use of resources company wide.

KR Group are accredited to ISO 14001, the international standard that ensures we have a management system in place and are continually making improvements and strides in our environmental efforts.

Our Circular Economy Project in Partnership with Zero Waste Scotland and ERDF

We work in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland and the Circular Economy at Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce to ensure we uphold our responsibility to do business in a manner that protects and improves the environment for future generations.

In 2018, we identified the need for a circular implementation plan for our waste. Directors, Kenny Robertson, and Nicola Fraser have always run a lean business since forming in 2003, generating minimal waste with any surplus steel sent to be recycled.

Through the KR Cladding division of the business, it was identified that the only recycling option for composite cladding panel waste was for the steel skins, which can be liquefied and reformed into new steel products. At the time, there did not appear to be a recycling route for the PIR insulation board within.

Director, Nicola Fraser commissioned a third party to carry out independent research in 2019 to explore recycling options and potential reuse initiatives. The report identified no recycling options and proposed various reuse suggestions which could be explored further.

The research and development for this project was driven forward with the appointment of a Product Development Manager who explored reuse options. The implementation, to optimise the most circular economic route of the waste, has been planned and KR Group are focused on primarily repurposing the product as a rigid insulation board for use in construction projects between floor, wall, and roof joists. It’s secondary route, for the smaller/offcuts of PIR Board, is for reuse as insulation to retrofit fishing boats refrigeration areas.

Testing to recertify their circular economic product is currently underway whilst the vision is clear on what we want to achieve:

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Our Sustainability Promise

We will endeavour to do all we can to create a sustainable future for our people, our environment, our industry, and our youth by: