Appointment of Marketing and R&D Assistant

KR Cladding are excited to announce that they have been successful on their application to Zero Waste Scotland’s “Circular Economy Internship Programme”. The programme, run with the support of not-for-profit organisation ‘Bright Green Business’, aims to compliment the Circular Economy Business Support Service, by creating capacity within a company, to assist with the development of a circular product of service.

KR Cladding have appointed Shree Krishan, currently studying her M.Sc. in Sustainability Transitions at University of Aberdeen, for the role. Shree will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from her Marketing, Business Development and Project Planning background, to assist on the Repurposing of PIR Project. The circular economy project, of repurposing the PIR insulation from used cladding panels, has advanced rapidly over the last 8 months, with the production of a data sheet to allow the product to be sold to industry. To find out more, email or call 01358 788907.