Waving a sad goodbye to our star summer intern, Calum

Calum Cummings - Intern with KR Summer 2023

During his summer break from University, Calum Cumming joined our support team at KRHQ as an intern.  To mark the end of his successful 6-week placement, we asked him a few questions about how he found his time with the KR Team and here’s what he had to say!

Q: How have you found your internship with KR?
A: “I enjoyed every minute of being an intern. All the people working at KR Group were very approachable and were always on hand to help with any queries I had. The company itself is extremely supportive of young people in the workforce. Overall, it was an extremely positive and rewarding time for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better working environment. I really enjoyed working with Lyall Booth, he was my favourite employee.” (Can you tell Lyall was in the room when these questions were being asked?)

Q: What are you studying at University?
A: “I am away to start my Masters Degree in Biological Data Science at the University of Dundee which will last a year.”

Q: Has your experience with KR helped you with your degree?
A: “Definitely! The skills I gained during my work there will definitely be transferable into later areas of work as well as the experience working with spreadsheets and handling large quantities of data will be extremely useful with my degree.”

Q: What was your top moment at KR?
A: “Completing the CRM was a major achievement as the document is massive! It was very rewarding being able to see the difference from start to finish.”

Q: What is one random fact about yourself?
A: “I once held a British indoor rowing record for the 500m race in Dundee.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A: “I would love to be somewhere in the science industry. Science has always been something I am interested in and I am hoping after my masters, I will be able to secure a job in this industry.”

Are you interested in work experience? Or maybe a traineeship? Whatever the case, keep an eye out on our careers page for opportunities like this one.