Strip and Re-Clad of Residential Property, Aberdeenshire

Key Info:

Client: Private Client
Sector: Domestic
Project: Strip & Re-Clad, Domestic House
Location: Aberdeenshire

The client brief was to rejuvenate the tired, wooden cladding exterior of this property with a
modern facade that would integrate into the countryside backdrop whilst providing a stylish
and modern finish.

A photo once we had started stripping the old timber cladding off and installing the galvanised frame.

A galvanized frame was created, specifically sized for the residential property to embrace the existing structure. We created and installed design details to facilitate the balcony, openings, and canopies. Additionally, we finished with Rockpanel in an Alder shade and completed the voids between them with tophats.

progress picture of front of strip and re-clad house

The Rockpanel facade gave the client the opportunity to challenge the boundaries often associated with a cladding home in rural Aberdeenshire, enriching the external design and creating an astonishing project. We kept the stone detailing to create a unique finish, by combining the properties of wood and stone.

A painter was contracted to apply final touches to the balcony and window frames, helping to bring the project together and create an eye-catching contrast to the new cladding exterior.

Due to our client still living in the house while the project was ongoing, extra precautions were taken to ensure health and safety. The property’s location down a narrow track lined with mature trees also presented challenges with access. However, we completed the project to FASET safety standards within the given 6-week timescale and within budget.

We couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of this strip and re-clad project. The wood alder finish sets this home apart from others in the area and showcases a natural yet modern look, meeting the client’s brief.

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Finished picture of back of strip and re-clad house
Finished picture of front of strip and re-clad house
a close up of the strip and re-clad project