Agricultural Shed Alterations, Netherton Tractors

Key Info:

Client: Netherton Tractors
Sector: Agriculture
Project: Agricultural Shed Alterations
Location: Turriff

In 2023, KR Group received the primary contract for an alterations project on an agricultural shed for Netherton Tractors. We completed all steel and cladding works as part of the project.

We had to dismantle and set aside internal bin steelwork for reuse to cut down costs for the client. Due to the roof being lowered, we prepared existing columns at the proposed eaves level to take existing rafters. The next step was to erect roof edge protection and safety netting to FASET standards to ensure maximal safety on-site.

After installing all the necessary safety measures, we proceeded to remove the existing roof steel and cladding. After completion, we removed the netting and edge protection and then trimmed down the wall cladding to the newly proposed eaves level. We lowered the rafters and roof purlins to the pre-drilled holes at the new eaves level. Any redundant side wall cladding rails were removed.

The site team cut down the existing columns to the new eaves level in preparation for the installation of the new eaves beams at the new roof/wall junction, which we provided. We reinstalled the roof safety netting and edge protection to facilitate the reinstallation of the previously removed roof panels.

The client requested an enlargement of the entry point at the front of the agricultural shed. We completed this task before re-installing the cladding panels.

We supplied and installed the roof overclad in a single skin profile panel with a spacer bar system and rockwool insulation. Our cladding team reinstated wall cladding rails where necessary to complete the interface between the wall and roof cladding. Additionally, our Sheet Metal division supplied new highline eaves gutters and downpipes which our site team installed along with repairing an existing valley gutter.

We completed all the work on schedule, within the allotted time, and also managed to stay within the budget. The client was very happy with the alterations to their agricultural shed.

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A before of the alterations of the agricultural shed kr group completed for netherton tractors
An after of the alterations of the agricultural shed kr group completed for netherton tractors
A photo of the agricultural shed that kr group completed alterations to for netherton tractors in progress