Marking 9 years of Jim Beam

This is Mark Lamont, but you may know him as Jim Beam or local mountain bike extraordinaire.

Regardless of how he is known to you, Mark is celebrating nine continuous years with KR Steel this month, with his career at KRG starting way back in 2005. We worked together for a good few years before Mark decided to change tact and enjoy some time in another position before his return in 2014. Going even further back, Mark worked with Kenny and other members of our team in another steel company, RIM Fabrications. In fact, it’s fair to say that the OGs in our team go way back and have worked closely together for decades. His colleague Kev said “Jim is a very intelligent person who isn’t like anyone you will ever meet. He is extremely talented and never lets anything get in the way of his work. He is a good laugh to work with and is always willing to help if asked.”

Mark can get frustrated with the industry sometimes and will be the first to say that working in our industry hasn’t always been easy. However, he has steadily advanced in his career, acquiring supervisor and safety qualifications along the way, as well as leading many key projects all over Scotland. All the while, he has raised a family and accumulated accolades for mountain biking that would impress Anne Caroline Chausson. Mark is well-known for packing his bike, alongside his hard hat and toolbox, in the back of the van when the opportunity arises to work away from home and hit new trails.

Today, we applaud Mark for reaching this milestone with us (double digits next year!!) and recognize him for his expert skill set in our industry. Happy Workiversary, Jim!