Last week, KR Group attended the VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards 2022 as finalists. Shortlisted in the category ‘Circular Scotland’, we were recognised for our efforts in combatting cladding waste with our circular economic solution KR Bon Reduction.

Through KR Bon, we take discarded cladding panels that would otherwise go to landfill and strip the metal skins before using the remaining rigid insulation for new products.

Despite the recent pandemic and the current economic challenges, KR Group has thrived and continues to be recognised nationally for their contributions to local communities and environmental initiatives.

As finalists of the VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards 2022, we were invited to the awards reception in Glasgow. As the only construction company shortlisted, we were delighted to fly the flag for the industry and hopes to inspire other construction companies to consider their environmental impact.  

According to a report published last year by the National Engineering Policy Centre, the built environment, of which the construction sector is a crucial component, currently contributes some 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions. It is estimated that the construction sector contributes up to 11% of total global carbon emissions.

“It’s been a challenging few years for almost all UK businesses,” says Nicola, KR Group’s Business Director. “We’re proud that despite the hurdles we’ve faced, KR Group has continued to make it’s social and environmental initiatives a priority.”

She continues, “Changes made now, however small, will bear fruit in the future.”

Recently, KR Group were also named as finalists in the 2023 Northern Star Business Awards, for ‘Inspiring Futures’ and ‘Driving Sustainability’.

The Northern Star Business Awards finals are in April. KR Group looks forward to attending alongside other businesses making strides in the net zero agenda.