Craig Reaches 8 Year Milestone

Craig Duncan, Assistant Operations Manager, celebrates 8 consecutive years with KR Group today. But really, his journey with us started long before that.

Craig grew up in the small coastal town of Gamrie and met Kenny at just 4 or 5 years old. They were good friends throughout school before both ending up at RIM Fabrications as steel erectors circa 2000.

Kenny left and Craig right, early 2000s.

While Kenny set up KR Steel, Craig lived in Kansas, America, working in agriculture. He then joined Kenny and Kenny’s brother Jock in 2003. “At that point, KR Steel was just the two o’ them and a van,” says Craig. “When you look at it now and how far they’ve come, it shows what hard work gets yi.”

“They didn’t get onything handed til’ them; they built it themsel’s.”

Craig has established his own career and experiences in different places throughout the years but joined KR Group permanently in 2015. After working successfully for us in a site supervisory role, he was invited into the role of Assistant Operations Manager in March this year. Now, Craig bridges the site and office-based operations, improving efficiencies across sites.

He says he enjoys it and likes the variety. When asked what advice he’d give to young people starting off in the industry, Craig said “It’s here for you. How far you want to come, how far you want to progress is up til’ yoursel’. Put in the work and you can be onything.”

Craig Duncan onsite 2022

This year marks 20 years since the beginning of KR Steel. The business has thrived thanks to the hard graft and industry knowledge of employees like Craig, and we’re thankful that they’ve continued to grow with us over the years.

“I am delighted to have been able to work closely with Craig for some time,” says Kenny, KR Group Director.

He continues, “Craig’s work ethic, diligence and knowledge is a credit to himself. His eagerness to continually develop his career and thirst for knowledge, along with an ability to problem solve and help the team, makes him a brilliant person to work with. I am hoping this may continue for many a successful year ahead.”