Did you know, worms consume dirt, manure, and other organic matter, including food waste, dead roots, leaves, and grass?

Their digestive system then turns all of these into what is known as humus. Not to be confused with houmous, humus is a high quality organic compost, which contains all the nutrients required for healthy plants. In other words, worm poo is garden magic!

So with that in mind, we invited wormery wizard and founder of Newburgh Worms, Scott Baxter, to our Headquarters on Friday.

Scott brought with him a bunch of worms to kickstart our very own onsite wormery.

Our new team members will be living onsite in Trevor’s recent renovation of an industrial wheelie bin. In their 5-star accommodation, the worms will be busy eating all the office food waste and shredded paper we deposit.

Once consumed, the waste will filter through the grill system that has been fixed inside and fall to the bottom to form a super nutrient rich compost.

If you or your business would like to learn more about achieving a healthy garden or establishing your own wee wormery, then you can reach Scott at