8 years at KR Group

Emma started with KR Group eight years ago, on 1st September 2014. “Nicola and I became friends when our kids went to playgroup together. One day Nic mentioned she could do with some Admin help for the business. I said I could do it, and the rest is history!”

At that time, Emma worked from a small portacabin at our Loanhead site in Newburgh. Another Administrator came in once a week on Emma’s day off. “Apart from Kenny and Nicola popping in and out between sites, I wouldn’t see a soul for days,” explains Emma. “At the time, as it was still a small business, I was juggling a lot of hats and my job would be really varied. Anything from reception to accounts.”

In 8 years, our team has grown from just a few to fifty.  “A lot of things will still crop up and each day is different, but there’s a great team in place. We all just pull together and make it happen.”

Emma’s role has also become more specialised. As well as heading up reception, she oversees our training matrix and ensures all staff are compliant in their training. Emma also assists the accounts team with incoming payments and invoices.

Since starting, one of Emma’s longstanding jobs has been to organise the staff Christmas nights out which are always good fun.

“I came from working with Aberdeen Harbour Board for 17 years. My job was pretty much the same each day, I handled the payroll and accounts.” Explains Emma. “It was a total change of scene coming to KR Group. I love my job because no two days are the same. The team is great and it’s a brilliant atmosphere.”

Emma is also part of the Charity committee and is behind some of our great fundraising initiatives including our upcoming coffee morning.

When asked what she thinks KR Group will look like in 8 years’ time, Emma said “I can imagine we will be leading the way in ‘earn and learn’ roles. We’ll probably be a bit bigger too. You never know, really. I just hope I’m still here.”